Infinity Mega DHA EPA

富含於青魚中的 DHA & EPA 為 Omega-3 的精華成分,每7粒 DHA & EPA 含量高達1,026及98毫克,有助活躍腦部細胞、提升腦部傳遞功能,維持大腦正常運作、以及穩固記憶力,是身體不可或缺的脂肪酸。長期服用,保持腦部及心血管年輕!


*** 預防腦退化 *** 改善血液循環 *** 維持心血管健康 ***


Infinity 高濃度 DHA EPA 活腦配方為 "機能性表示食品",即尚未有能被稱之為藥的效用,但被實驗證實有對健康有一定幫助的效果,效能也被日本法律認證的食品。




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Recommended Dosage

7 capsules daily.


  • Because it is made from naturaal ingredients, the color and taste may be slightly different, but it s efficacy and nutritional composition will not be affected.
  • Pregnant women, children, breast-feeding women, people who take long-term medication or are allergic to the ingredients should consult a physican before use.
  • Please take according to the recommended daily dose, do not overdose and must cooperate with a balanced diet.
  • Please store in a cool place, out of reach of children, avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
  • Please make sure the opening is sealed, and take it as soon as possible.