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Tiovita 3000 (速健能 3000), grape-flavoured nutrition and energy drink with selling No.1* in Japan is now available in Wellcome, Parknshop, Watsons, AEON, HKTV mall, FINGER SHOPPING and some individual drugstores.


Drink Tiovita 3000 (速健能 3000) daily can provide help in:

 - Replenish energy and nutrition

 - Eliminate fatigue

 - Improve endurance and performance


Product Features:

1. Selling No.1* in Japan

2. 100% Made in Japan

3. Taurine level in 3000mg

4. Grape-flavoured nutrition and energy drink


Well known brand of Tiovita series are always supported by consumers in Japan and tourist since 1964, number of sales until now already sold FIVE billion bottles.


Taiho Pharma spent a long time for the study of Hong Kong and did some of the depth research regarding consumer behaviour among nutrition and energy drink. As a result, Tiovita 3000 (速健能 3000) with grape flavour including vitamin B complex (B1, B2 & B6), taurine level in 3000mg will be the best under the Tiovita series for the development in Hong Kong and Macau at the first stage.


Suitable for people who are:

 - Heavy work role, over entertaining, lack of sleep

 - Before or after exercise


Information of other Tiovita series can visit to http://tiovita.jp


* Taiho data on file (2017)


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