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The human liver is the body's major chemical workshop, playing a major important role in its metabolism.


LiverSpotless is made with Japan patented formula and, throug clinical trials, proved to be capable of effectively improving human liver health, strengthening liver functions, enhancing human immunity and regulating liver function index*.


LiverSpotless has passed the standards of Japan Frozen Foods Inspection Corporation (JFFIC) and Japan Food Research Laboratories (JFRL), and found no drugs, doping, nor harmful ingredientsm being reliable and safe to consumers.


*Liver Function Index (GOT and GPT):

Got is mainly in the liver, heart, muscle and red blood cells' GPT is in the liver cells; normail leve of both index is below 40.



  1. Made from natural ingredient, proved to be capable of regulating liver function index and maintaining the standard level of human liver health.
  2. Strengthens the liver detoxification function, helps to relieve tiredness, enhances human immunity and promotes overall health.
  3. Avoid toxic accumulated inside the body.


Suitable for people who:

  1. Heavy work role, over entertaining, lack of sleep.
  2. Smoking, over drinking, habitual medicine consumer.
  3. Insufficient in calcium or loss of calcium.
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