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ShuEn Alcohol Alleviant (8 Lozenges)

SHU-EN is an unique alcohol alleviant that produced in the patented formula invented by Japan Medical Professor-Jin-ichi Sasaki.


SHU-EN is made in the taste of yoghurt. it is easy to be carried, can be chewed and taken without water-swallowing and hence, without conscious from the others. it may efectively eliminate both the sickness together with the embarrassments after drunk, and it is definitely a good helper to solve all kinds of alcohol sicknesses.



  1. Minimize the influences from alcohol, alleviate the discomforts of dunk.
  2. Accelerate liver detoxification, improve both immunity and resistance of human body.
  3. In protection of the user's gastrointestinal health after drunk.
  4. Smooth and eliminate the tiredness and weakness that cause by series of social engagements, and maintain the vitality of human body.


Dosage: 4 lozeenges in 30 mins before or after drinking

Country of origin: Japan

Net weight: 12g (8 Lozenges)




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