[Tiovita 速健能 X Telecom Square HK] 秋の感謝祭 免費送您日本人氣飲品
    凡於9月9日至10月9日期間到 Pocket WiFi 租借公司 Telecom Square HK尖沙咀辦事處憑訂單編號取機之客戶,即可免費獲贈日本銷量 No.1* 人氣飲品 “Tiovita 速健能” 一支,迅速補給營養及能量、消除疲勞,讓您元氣滿分迎接愉快旅程,盡享精彩每刻!   ***條款及細則*** -  每個訂單編號可享免費禮品1份,但必須選擇到尖沙咀辦事處取機 -  優惠適用於全部國家所有 Wi-Ho! 機種 -  禮品數量有限,先到先得,送完即止 -  如有任何爭議,Telecom Square HK 將保留最終決定權 -  優惠期 : 由2016年9月9日起至2016年10月9日 -   Wi-Ho! 預訂請到 http://www.telecomsquare.hk/   【有關Tiovita速健能飲品】    日本銷量 No.1*  100% 日本製造  每支含 3000 毫克牛磺酸及豐富維他命 B 群,助您補給能量和營養,消除疲勞,提升耐力現, 迅速回復良好狀態  適合工作勞累,運動前後飲用,助您 “表現躍升,盡在每刻”  口味為香港人喜愛的葡萄味,美味易入口,男女皆宜        *Taiho data on file (2015)  速健能產品查詢:2620-6626 Facebook:RS-Lifestyle 
7-Eleven Top Brand Campaign Award Presentation Ceremony
  Mr. Yoshiaki Zamma, Director of RS Lifestyle represented the brand of Dequadin to the stage for amazing trophy and Dequadin is one of the most loved brands in 7-11 since 2013.   Mr. Yoshiaki Zamma also took photo with the CEO of 7-Eleven for special award “Le creuset". Congratulation!
Tiovita 3000 (速健能 3000) nutrition and energy drink will be officially landed in Hong Kong
  Tiovita 3000 (速健能 3000) grape-flavoured nutrition and energy drink with selling No.1* in Japan will be officially landed in Hong Kong (7-Eleven & Circle K) on 21st of April, 2016.   Drink Tiovita 3000 (速健能 3000) daily can provide help in:  - Replenish energy and nutrition  - Eliminate fatigue  - Improve endurance and performance   Product Features: 1. Selling No.1* in Japan 2. 100% Made in Japan 3. Taurine level in 3000mg 4. Grape-flavoured nutrition and energy drink   Well known brand of Tiovita series are always supported by consumers in Japan and tourist since 1964, number of sales until now already sold FIVE billion bottles.   Taiho Pharma spent a long time for the study of Hong Kong and did some of the depth research regarding consumer behaviour among nutrition and energy drink. As a result, Tiovita 3000 (速健能 3000) with grape flavour including vitamin B complex (B1, B2 & B6), taurine level in 3000mg will be the best choice under Tiovita series for consumer in Hong Kong and Macau at the first stage.   Suitable for people who are:  - Heavy work role, over entertaining, lack of sleep  - Before or after exercise   Detailed information of other products under Tiovita series can visit to http://tiovita.jp   Media in Japan for the news: http://mainichi.jp/select/biz/pressrelease/archive/2016/04/11/kdpr201604079628.html http://makernews.biz/201604116393-6/ http://www.okinawatimes.co.jp/article.php?id=163153 http://www.asahi.com/and_M/information/pressrelease/Ckprw201604079628.html http://news.e-expo.net/release/2016/04/post-112.html     * Taiho data on file (2015)
Famous Brand "Forte Pharma" from France are available now in Watsons!
法國 Forte Pharma 品牌除了纖體系列暢銷外, 其能量補助產品亦相當知名及受歡迎。除了之前介紹的3款瘦身產品,Forte Pharma 亦同時推出了一款的能量補助產品,蘊含人蔘、瓜拿納、生薑等多種天然植物萃取物,容易被人體吸收,亦不含人造色素,有助迅速對抗疲勞!一盒 10 支,一開即飲,方便快捷,現於屈臣氏獨家發售。
Interview by HKCD [25th May, 2015]
  Jay Tamura of our president in RS Lifestyle had been interviewd by HKCD on 25th of May, 2015. We hope to delivery the concept "Quality of Life" not only just in Hong Kong but also mainland China so as to share many of the happness and wellness with the people who are being concenred about quality of life.
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