Welcome to RS Lifestyle

Since our inception in 2002, we have grown and continue to grow as an organization providing solutions for consumer health products. Our head office is located in Hong Kong is one of the most preferred distributors of consumer health products.


RS Lifestyle is a forthright and honest organization and adheres to the highest ethical standards of business conduct and protects the best interest of its employees, customers, and the community


We make it our business to exceed our customers expectations every day and use our product knowledge and industry expertise to deliver the highest quality message to the market. We are either the exclusive distributors of all the goods we sell or the brand owners, specializing in supplying unique products to the international markets we service.


Mission & Vision

To be recognized as the leading and most preferred provider and/or distributor of consumer health products. Our aim is to promote health and well being around the globe, with special attention in Asia pacific.



Management in the business world is the act of getting to accomplish desired goals and objectives efficiently and effectively. At RS Lifestyle, our experienced management very effectively plans, organizes, leads, controls, and directs the organization towards achieving the companys objectives.


With years of experience, our management steers the company towards the right path, achieving the objectives they have set forth.



In today’s competitive and progressive global market, our aim is to achieve the maximum exposure for our clients. We believe that the marketing strategy for our clients should be as unique as the qualities of the products they offer.


At RS Lifestyle, we have extensive experience in achieving our client’s marketing goals. We begin by conducting the necessary marketing research to identify our client’s target market in order to create and implement a marketing strategy that will foster a competitive advantage. We further our efforts by working to enhance our client’s marketing mix by adapting an integrated marketing plan to create brand awareness and subsequently brand loyalty.


Our marketing activities typically include: comprehensive marketing campaigns, product launches, training seminars, launch events and press releases aimed to create product awareness for medical professionals and end users alike.



Here at RS Lifestyle, establishing channels for imported products has become a vital part of our business. We offer continual support at every stage from shipping to warehousing and our warehousing setup standard is for importing OTC products, and Medical Device in Hong Kong.


With years of experience and our strategic planning, RS Lifestyle is able to assist with all the aspects of operation including regulatory requirements, sales and marketing, innovative distribution networks, launching of products and obtaining regulatory approvals for drugs. RS Lifestyle is one of the most preferred distributors in Hong Kong & Macau. Our distribution network is also well established and can offers permium service to customers who come from various sectors of the economy.

RS Lifestyle develops products for a global market and works in close collaboration with partners worldwide. We provide support to our partners in all matters involving our products; for example, market positioning, training programs and regulatory and technical issues.


Welcome to contact us at info@rs-lifestyle.com.



At RS Lifestyle, an integral factor for carrying forward our vision, the values we stand for, and the mission of our organization is our team. As we continually grow and expand, we welcome qualified individuals to contact with us.


Please email your detailed resume with contact to hr@rs-lifestyle.com. Your credentials will be added to our database and you will be contacted as suitable vacancies become available.



Unit 1601, 16/F, Billion Plaza, No.8 Cheung Yue Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon,Hong Kong